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Committed to The Success of Our Students 


So many of us in this county are products of teachers and administrators in our public schools that touched our lives and awakened our minds. From Coach Bell and his 'Gummint' class to Mr. Massey's Chemistry class, I was inspired to learn and grow on my way to a fulfilling and successful life.

Our students deserve inspiration, encouragement, and a chance to find their passion. Our students deserve  an education system that will expose them to the vast possibilities available in life as well as prepare them to pursue those possibilities. 


I believe that Shelby County Public Schools are striving to do just that. 

The challenges we face are that the target for success moves when Frankfort or Washington speak and change the standard or threaten funding. The job market is ever changing and careers that weren't on the horizon even a few years ago are going unfilled and students must be prepared to fill them as well as jobs in the trades that aren't going away. 

The task at hand for public schools is broader in scope than ever. 

I want to be a part of the solution to the challenges our students face. I want to lend what talents and experience I have to a school system that is boldly navigating the waters of constant change. I want to advocate for our students through service and ensure that every student has an even better chance at finding their inspiration than we did. 

I ask for your support and your vote in 2018 as I run for Shelby County Board of Education, District 2. 

Will Barnett


board member district boundaries 7-15

Who can vote?

District 2 is represented in green and includes the voting precincts A102, A104, B104, B105, C103, and C105 but I am committed to representing the interests of every student in Shelby County. Need more information or to register to vote? Check out the links below.



Learn about my background and experience as a Board Member, an adult educator, and a parent.

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It is my goal to be accessible to you as a Board Member and as a candidate. Get in touch with me. 

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Find out what makes me so passionate about public education and how I want to help our kids succeed. 

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Follow news on the campaign as well as find videos recapping board meetings.

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