About Will

I am a Shelby County native and life-long resident. I grew up on our family farm in Bagdad and currently reside in Osprey Cove. 



I'm a single dad who is fortunate to have a committed co-parenting  partner in my children's mother. Divorce has been an educational experience for me in that it changed the way I prioritize and it made real the struggles that single parents have in making ends meet and staying involved with their child's education. I feel that as a single parent I am more focused on what my children need and as they get older and more independent I have the chance to reach beyond their daily needs and make a difference for students and parents in our schools. 

My children include a graduate of SCHS, a senior at Big Picture Learning Academy, and a 5th grader at Wright Elementary.

I grew up in Bagdad and I'm the son of Nancy Easley Barnett, the late Jim Barnett, and grandson of the late Nancy La Master & John V. Barnett of Bagdad and Hilda & Caldwell Easley of Shelbyville. 

technical Educator

As a technical information & training manager for a mining and construction equipment distributor based in Louisville, I split my time between technical instruction, curriculum development, and apprentice program administration. Technicians enrolled in the apprentice program must complete  a mix 4000 hours of classroom and on the job training over two years in the areas of diesel engines and emissions, power train, electrical, advanced hydraulic systems, and machine automation. 

My interest in preparing people to a career in the trades reaches beyond my work in my classroom or even my work in Shelby County Schools as I have spoken in public school classrooms in Shelby County, Spencer County, and Prosser Career Education Center in New Albany, IN. Most often I speak about opportunities for continuing education in the trades but I've also spoken on the importance of effective writing in a technical career. Most recently I welcomed Instructor Joe Valora from Elizabethtown Community & Technical College to my classroom where I trained him in equipment power trains to prepare him for a new program at ECTC. 

I have worked in the heavy equipment industry for 16 years since leaving the family farm in 2001. In that time I have filled several roles including field technician, service department foreman where I was responsible for 36 technicians spread over 4 departments, outside salesman, and safety supervisor before landing in my current role in 2015. 



Board Of education member

I was sworn into office on June 15th, 2017 after being appointed by Kentucky's Commissioner of Education, Stephen L. Pruitt. As an appointee, rather than an elected member, I feel a greater duty to stay connected to those I represent and to make sound, well-researched, equitable decisions. 

Engaged & Active in our Schools & in my role

My service on the board is driven by a desire to meet the needs of students across the district. During the 2017-18 school year I used 17 vacation days to allow me to spend time making school visits during the day so I could see and hear from our students and teachers in the learning environment as well as attending teacher professional development sessions to understand ongoing training for educators, meeting with administrators to understand policy and process, and visiting schools outside of our district to gain perspective on what SCPS is doing right and where we fall short. In addition to this time taken away from my job I attended countless evening school activities and exhibitions of learning in our schools.