Find out what makes me so passionate about public education and how I want to help our kids succeed. 


Vocational Advocacy

The Kentucky Department of Education is placing equal emphasis on College and Career Readiness as a measure of success in education. Shelby County Public Schools consistently endeavor to build programs that reach students with ambitions in the trades as well as college. Having developed a trade early in life, I understand that industry certifications and career training can lead to a successful, fulfilling career and I want to be sure that students interested in the trades have the best programs in the state that will allow them to follow their passion.

Equal Access

Every student has a right to the best possible education. I believe that access to education must never be denied on any basis and I will fight to ensure that each student should be able to learn in an environment that is safe and encouraging regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, disability, family status, or household income. It is the duty of public education to remove all barriers to learning for every child. 



Throughout my career I have placed an emphasis on honest, ethical dealings. My dedication to working within the law means openly answering questions as well as maintaining confidentiality when required by law. Elected officials should be available, approachable, and responsive. I wants to hear your comments and concerns. I have dedicated an email account just for your feedback. You can reach me on that dedicated account by sending a note to: talktowillbarnett@gmail.com

Objective Decision Making

School Board elections are non-partisan because when it comes to our children, agendas should be left at the door. I firmly believe that good decisions are decisions that are fact-based, thoroughly researched, objective, and equitable for all students. Whether my decisions are popular or not with voters, they will always be made with the welfare of students in mind.