Find out what makes me so passionate about public education and how I want to help our kids succeed. 


Putting Students First

When it comes to actions of the Board or my own individual actions of advocacy as a citizen and parent I take a 'do no harm' approach. Will my actions help or harm students? Board service is unique in that I am accountable to you at the ballot box but my responsibility is to the children enrolled in public schools. Will I take actions that are unpopular with voters? If that action benefits students then the answer is a resounding yes. I took a stand for students when I voted yes to increase the tax rate because the rate had remained unchanged for 5 years as our per pupil funding declined. I take a stand for students each time I advocated for students in Frankfort as legislators attacked SEEK funding and teacher pensions because our students should not be asked to do more with less funding and they need teachers who can be focused on students and secure in their livelihood after their service is complete. I have a daughter in Shelby County Public Schools and I will not vote or act against her interests, nor will I vote or act against the interests of your son or daughter. Ultimately every voter benefits from what is best for students because the mechanic who repairs the car you drive, the engineer who designs the lights you read by, the bank teller who helps manage your account, or the pharmacist who fills your prescriptions are all likely products of public education. The actions that affect our students today will touch your life in every aspect in the years to come. Education is an investment in our future and I will not shortchange our future by shortchanging our students today. 


Equal Access

Every student has a right to the best possible education. I believe that access to education must never be denied on any basis and I will fight to ensure that each student should be able to learn in an environment that is safe and encouraging regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender, disability, family status, or household income. It is the duty of public education to remove all barriers to learning for every child. 

Workforce Development

The Kentucky Department of Education is placing equal emphasis on College and Career Readiness as a measure of success in education. Shelby County Public Schools consistently endeavor to build programs that reach students with ambitions in the trades as well as college. Having developed a trade early in life, I understand that industry certifications and career training can lead to a successful, fulfilling career and I want to be sure that students interested in the trades have the best programs in the state that will allow them to follow their passion.


Objective Decision Making

School Board elections are non-partisan because when it comes to our children, agendas should be left at the door. I firmly believe that good decisions are decisions that are fact-based, thoroughly researched, objective, and equitable for all students. Whether my decisions are popular or not with voters, they will always be made with the welfare of students in mind. 

Transparency, Communication & Cooperation

Throughout my career I have placed an emphasis on honest, ethical dealings and building relationships with others in and out of my industry to achieve goals. My dedication to working within the law means openly answering questions as well as maintaining confidentiality when required by law. Elected officials should be available, approachable, responsive and looking for ways to connect the groups in communities they serve. I will work to be visible and to communicate to you what’s happening in our schools and to help connect you to resources and information that will help you resolve concerns and questions. I want to see the schools, city & county governments, community organizations, and community members working together toward common goals for our students as well as Shelby County as a whole. I have dedicated an email account just for your feedback. You can reach me on that dedicated account by sending a note to: talktowillbarnett@gmail.com